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Rev Graeme Anderson

Rector - Crick, Yelvertoft with Clay Coton, and Lilbourne
Rural Dean - Brixworth Deanery

I was brought up to go to church, and, as they say “believed in the virgin birth before I knew what a virgin was”. At around fourteen years old some people I knew went through a transformation. They were different in a great way, and I knew that the power for this transformation did not come from their willpower, upbringing, or situation. They had a relationship with Jesus that I did not have, and it affected their whole lives. To cut a long story short, I asked Jesus to forgive my sins, and asked Him into my life to be in charge.

Since then, as with everyone, life has thrown its joys and sorrows at me. But the powerful transformation that God has worked in my life has made all of the difference. The outrageously gracious love that I have experienced has changed, and is changing me all of the time.

After a career in computing, I felt God’s call to become a Vicar/Rector. After many years in a white collar in both rural and urban parishes, our Lord called me to this benefice where I'm now the Rector of Crick, Yelvertoft with Clay Coton and Lilbourne.

07528 765027

Rev Graeme Anderson
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