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The Parochial Church Council

The Parochial Church Council is formed from an elected group of volunteers within the church community.

Its role is to act as guardian of the church site and to develop the wider church ministry.


You will always find members of the PCC in the church and they will welcome you speaking to them about any aspect of their work or to offer you advice and support for your own development in faith.


 If you are interested in joining the PCC and supporting the work at St Margaret's click here to see a very useful video guide into what the PCC does and the responsibilities of its members.

Kent Polley
Church Warden
John Rogers
Church Warden
Andrew Hutley
Assistant Churchwarden
Lyn Johnson
Dave Milne
IMG_6036 copy.jpg
Zona Dipple
Ian Jones
Hazel Gault
Jacqueline Smith
Annual Parochial Church Meeting report

Annual report 2023/24 presented at APCM

24th April 2024

PCC Minutes for past 12 months

26th May 2023

26th July 2023

27th Sept 2023

6th Dec 2023

24th Jan 2024

20th March 2024

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