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Rev Kris Seward

Curate - Crick, Lilbourne & Yelvertoft

My faith is something which has developed over time. I was raised in a Christian family and attended Sunday school as a young child. Whilst I would say that I have always had faith it was not a strong faith and I would only pray to God and return to my faith seriously in times of hardship.

It was during those times hardship at the age of 40 that I finally came to know Jesus. I had always felt like there was something missing in my life, a hole that I could not fill no matter how hard I tried. My father had a strong faith and when he moved in with us due to a terminal illness the way he surrendered to Jesus had a huge impact on me. Seeing the peace and joy he had even with his diagnosis was inspirational, the way he lived his life for Christ transformed me.

As I started to surrender my life to Jesus and ask for his forgiveness I could feel him walking with me and calling me more and more into service. The hole in my life left, the love in my heart grew, and continues to grow.

I feel Jesus calling me ever deeper into the service of others, to reveal his light and love to those who have not encountered him before and to experience Christ's unconditional love. This call has led me to leave the Police and explore a calling to ordination and, 8 years after returning to the Church, I find myself as a 2nd Year Curate training to become a Vicar.

01858 575909

Rev Kris Seward
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